Arlo James Barnes

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Work experience

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps [Steamboat Springs] June 2016 โ€” October 2016

Built 1000 linear feet of trail through tundra, mostly with rockwork, to encourage hikers not to trample fragile flora.
Quickly gravelled loop trail around Stagecoach reservoir.
Assisted Routt County Riders in constructing a mile of recreational biking trails on Buffalo Pass.
Received basic (non-certificate) wilderness first aid training.

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps [Taos] May 2015 โ€” November 2015

Repaired trails in Bandelier National Monument destroyed by flooding following the removal by the Las Conchas and earlier large fires of flora holding the topsoil in place.
Helped design and insert drainage and dam systems to increase the longevity of the replacement trail.
Received CPR training, basic (non-certificate) wilderness first aid training, and mental health first aid training.

Big Sky Learning January 2017 โ€” April 2017

Designer for Fabrication
Worked with CEO to devise and revise over iterations the designs of three educational projects (a headlamp, electromechanical boardgame, and remote control vehicle) with modern fabrication techniques in mind.
Involved testing prototypes and progressive improvements of the tooling workflow at the local makerspace, culminating with improving efficiency to make possible a small mass production run at the end.

Santa Fe Children's Museum April 2014 โ€” August 2014

Garden educator
Worked with a team to implement landscaping, hardscaping, gardening, and construction projects (including a ramada, drain pipe brackets, a Zuni bowl, and a footbridge), while educating visitors of all ages on the organisation, the building and grounds including the garden, and individually devised lesson plans (mine was on the origins of written language especially as related to local cultures).
Learnt concurrent to work from experts from various sources: a climatologist from Los Alamos National Labs, a Master Gardener from the eponymous Santa Fe Association, botanists from the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens, and so on.
Received CPR training.


  • CPR/First Aid
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • IS-101.C (FEMA introductory emergency management)


High School Diploma August 2011 โ€” May 2013

the MASTERS Program Early College Charter High School
Received dual credit for several courses through the school's partnership with the Santa Fe Community College.


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